R-PLEX Human LRRK2 Antibody Set

R-PLEX Human LRRK2 Antibody Set Overview
The R-PLEX Human LRRK2 Antibody Set includes a matched capture and detection antibody pair and calibrator for the quick and easy measurement of LRRK2 in biological samples. R-PLEX products leverage MSD’s electrochemiluminescence technology for better sensitivity and a larger dynamic range than traditional ELISAs. R-PLEX matched antibody sets enable the development of singleplex and multiplex immunoassays. Individual assays may be developed using MSD avidin- or streptavidin-coated plates. Custom multiplex assays with any combination of R-PLEX analytes, as well as R-PLEX plus U-PLEX analytes can be developed on U-PLEX MULTI-SPOT plates. To learn more about the advantages of R-PLEX products click here.

R-PLEX Human LRRK2 Antibody Set Features
  • Measures human LRRK2 in PBMC Lysate
  • Dynamic range: 98 - 200,000 pg/mL
  • Median LLOD: 98 pg/mL
  • Can be used to develop individual analyte assays as well as multiplex panels

Typical Data
Calibration curve for the R-PLEX Human LRRK2 Antibody Set was assessed and representative data is presented below.

Figure 1. R-PLEX Human LRRK2 Antibody Set Calibration Curve
Calibration curve for R-PLEX Human LRRK2 (pS935) Antibody Set
LRRK2 Analyte

Description - Leucine Rich Repeat Kinase 2 (LRRK2, PARK8, RIPK7, ROCO2, AURA17, Dardarin) is a protein with multiple domains including: kinase, leucine rich repeat, RAS, GTPase, and WD40. Variants and mutants of this gene are associated with increased risk of Parkinson's disease (PD). LRRK2 is extensively phosphorylated. The various phosphorylations are being studied with regard to PD. Genomic studies indicate LRRK variants also increase the risk of Crohn's disease.

Application Area - Neurodegenerative

Components Required for Diluent Preparation
Diluent Type Diluent Name Catalog No. Size
Assay Diluent MSD Tris Lysis Buffer R60TX-3 50 mL
R60TX-2 200 mL
Assay Diluent Additive Inhibitor Pack* R70AA-1 N/A
Antibody Diluent MSD Tris Wash Buffer (10X) R61TX-2 200 mL
R61TX-1 1 L
Antibody Diluent Additive Blocker A* R93BA-4 15 g

*Contact Scientific Support for more information. Optimization steps may need to be performed.

Note: This Antibody Set should not be multiplexed with any other R-PLEX Antibody Sets or U-PLEX Assays due to specific sample preparation steps and diluent guidance. For further guidance, please refer to the datasheet associated with this product.

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