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Insulin is a 51-residue peptide hormone that is produced in the pancreas by β-cells of the islets of Langerhans. Insulin is involved in the regulation of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. Lowered levels of insulin cause liver cells to convert glycogen back to glucose and secrete it into the blood. Insulin also has an effect on small vessel muscle tone, storage and release of (fat) triglycerides and cellular uptake of amino acids and electrolytes. Type 1 diabetes results when the β-cells are destroyed and no longer producing insulin resulting in high glucose levels in the blood. Patients with type 1 diabetes depend on exogenous insulin for their survival because of an absolute deficiency of the hormone; patients with type 2 diabetes have either relatively low insulin production or insulin resistance or both. The Human Insulin Kit provides assay-specific components for the simultaneous quantitative determination of both natural and recombinant human insulin in serum and plasma.

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