Customize an R-PLEX Assay with the Assay Designer

R-PLEX: Matched Antibody Sets

R-PLEX Antibody Sets are a fast, easy way to design a high-performance singleplex or multiplex immunoassay that delivers all of the advantages of MULTI-ARRAY technology.

Singleplex R-PLEX assays are created on MSD GOLD Small Spot Streptavidin plates, while multiplex assays are designed by combining R-PLEX Antibody Sets on U-PLEX plates. R-PLEX sets can also be multiplexed with our extensive selection of U-PLEX Antibody Sets.

This Assay Designer will help you select all necessary components to create an R-PLEX assay.

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Non-Human Primate

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R-PLEX Antibody Sets contain a biotinylated capture antibody, a SULFO-TAG labeled detection antibody, and a calibrator Assay(s) Selected

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