U-PLEX Training Pack, 10-Assay

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U-PLEX Training Packs are all-inclusive assay development tools that enable users to develop assays on the U-PLEX platform. The Training Packs provide the reagents needed to gain hands-on experience and complete basic assay development exercises. The packs include U-PLEX plates, Linkers, conjugation reagents and buffers, conjugated capture and detection antibodies, unconjugated antibodies, diluents, Stop Solution, and other reagents. The U-PLEX 10-Assay Training Pack includes the Antibody Sets for IL-1β, IL-6, IL-8, and TNF-α assays, plus six open spots to enable the development of assays with your own antibodies. A detailed Assay Development Training Workbook is included that contains the necessary exercises to help you design and build your personalized multiplex assays.

AnalyteLLOD - ULODunits
IL-1β0.15 - 3,800pg/mL
IL-60.33 - 2,000pg/mL
IL-80.15 - 2,200pg/mL
TNF-α0.51 - 3,700pg/mL

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