U-PLEX Metabolic Group 1 (rat) Assay


The U-PLEX platform makes it easy to create multiplex immunoassays. Using two simple tools - a 10-spot U-PLEX plate and unique Linkers - you can build multiplex panels for any combination of analytes. The analytes in the U-PLEX menu are organized into U-PLEX Groups. Analytes within the same U-PLEX Group have been tested for multiplex compatibility and can be combined in panels with confidence.

The U-PLEX Metabolic Group 1 (rat) contains 12 biomarkers (Table 1) related to the metabolic syndrome and other disorders. This U-PLEX Group can be ordered as a full panel (12 markers) or as one or more smaller panels that are subsets of the full panel. The full panel is available as a catalog product K15308K. Ordering any subset of assays from the U-PLEX Metabolic Group 1 (rat) is simple and can be done online with MSD’s U-PLEX Assay Designer.

AnalyteLLOD - ULODunits
BDNF0.72 - 2,000pg/mL
C-Peptide220 - 125,000pg/mL
FGF-212.8 - 8,230pg/mL
Ghrelin (active)13 - 7,160pg/mL
Ghrelin (total)1.7 - 2,710pg/mL
GLP-1 (active)0.14 - 57pM
GLP-1 (inactive)1.5 - 576pM
GLP-1 (total)0.59 - 576pM
Glucagon0.13 - 156pM
Insulin3.0 - 5,500μIU/mL
Leptin11 - 50,000pg/mL
PYY (total)1.1 - 4,000pg/mL

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