Liver Injury Panel 1 Rat Kit


The Liver Injury Panel 1 (rat) Kit provides the assay-specific components for the quantitative determination of arginase-1 and alpha glutathione S-transferase  (αGST) in rat serum and plasma.

Arginase-1, also known as Liver Type Arginase, is the final enzyme of the urea cycle. It is a ubiquitous cytosolic enzyme expressed at high levels in the liver of ureotelic animals and plays a key role in the disposal of excess nitrogen from amino acid and nucleotide metabolism. αGST is a detoxification enzyme that catalyzes the conjugation of toxins to GST. Arginase-1 and αGST offer an advantage in drug safety testing since they are found in the serum and plasma of both rats and humans; suggesting that they can be used to bridge pre-clinical and clinical studies

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