American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists 2017 National Biotechnology Conference

San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina
San Diego,
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Please join us for a busy and exciting three days at the AAPS NBC conference in San Diego.

On Monday, May 1, at 1 p.m., Dr. Laure Moller will present an informative talk on “Multiplexing Bioanalytical Assays.” As the complexity of biotherapeutics has increased, so has the demand on the number of bioanalytical assays. Key points of her session will include:

  • Multiplexing PK assays or Immunogenicity assays for combination therapies and multi-domain therapeutics enables bioanalytical measurements from limited sample volumes and increases throughput.
  • U-PLEX assays allow you to create custom multiplexed assays in your own lab. Learn how you can implement the U-PLEX platform for your research, and join a discussion on considerations for multiplexing immunoassays.

Before and after her talk, Dr. Moller will be available to discuss your multiplex assay needs.

Additionally, MSD will present four scientific posters highlighting recent work on product development:

MSD GOLD Streptavidin Products: Demonstration of Reproducibility and Extended Stability on Multiple Plate Formats

Lot-to-lot reproducibility as well as consistent performance of individual lots over an extended period of time demonstrate the longitudinal stability of MSD GOLD Streptavidin plates and related MSD GOLD plate formats.

Demonstration of U-PLEX Assay Platform as a Tool for Rapid Immunoassay Development

The utility of a flexible assay development system is presented, which allows rapid screening of antibodies and optimization of subsequent assays for stand-alone use or in multiplexed combinations.

Human V-PLEX Multiplex Kit Performance: Multi-Year Longitudinal Analysis

A multi-lot and multi-year analysis of human V-PLEX multiplex kit quality control testing showed consistency and reproducibility that validates the suitability of these products for long-term studies.

Development and Analytical Validation of V-PLEX TH17 Cytokine Assays

These validated multiplexed assays provide sensitive measurement of Th17 cytokines in a variety of matrices and can be used as part of a researcher’s studies.

With so much new information to discuss, we hope to see you there! If you are unable to attend, please contact your Account Manager to learn more about any of the topics.

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