Human α-Synuclein Assay

U-PLEX Human alpha-Synuclein Assay

Precise, Sensitive, Reproducible Human α-Synuclein Assay, Now Validated

The U-PLEX Human α-Synuclein Assay supports research on α-synuclein as an exploratory biomarker for Parkinson’s disease. This assay has undergone rigorous analytical validation at MSD for consistency, precision, accuracy, and limits of quantification in human serum, plasma, CSF, and saliva and is currently undergoing further validation across multiple independent sites.

Data presented at the 2016 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists National Biotechnology Conference show α-synuclein protein was measurable in all sample types tested, with a lower limit of quantitation of 8.00 pg/mL, and an upper limit of quantitation of 6,800 pg/mL.

Alpha-Synuclein figure 1

The U-PLEX Human α-Synuclein Kit quantifies the target protein in four human matrices, demonstrating its utility and versatility. At left, we show representative data from three kit lots and calculated concentrations from testing of each sample. Black lines represent limits of quantitation (dilution-adjusted). Dilutions were as follows: CSF – 8-fold, saliva – 5-fold, serum – 8-fold, and plasma – 8-fold. At right, we show a summary of testing averaged across three kit lots, showing typical values and % of samples falling within the detectable range of the assay. For additional data, see the complete poster.


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Read our press release, "Meso Scale Discovery Launches α-Synuclein Assay for Parkinson's Disease Research." Development of this assay was supported by funding from The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF).